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Just got back from visiting the show at New York's Jonathan Levine Gallery - all I can say is wow! The response was amazing, it opened to a packed opening night. Excellent and energetic installations from all the artists concerned. There is so much to say and see about it that your best off browsing some of these blogs...

I wrote some text for the accompanying catalogue which is available to buy from the gallery


Choque Cultural comes to Jonathan Levine Gallery New York until March 17th. In an area full of culture, art, and pawn shops in NYC will be a night of graffiti inspired art. Artists in attendance for this event will be Zezao, Fefe, Boleta, Highraff, Kboco, Onesto, Speto & Titi Freak.


Patologico - a show on the theme of Pathos featuring Pato with invited artists including Luiz Land, Tony de Marco, Eduardo Abreu, Tidi, Heroi, Dan, Base V & Anderson Souza.

At Grafiteria, Rua Simão Álvares 601 - Vila madalena São Paulo


Alexandre Orion on You Tube - thanks to Wooster Collective for the translation
(a few pictures from GB book used in film)

Sao Paulo Brasil

My name is alexandre orion. i was born and live in sao paulo brasil. my life and my work were always related to art. i made and sold hand printed tshirts, i worked as a tattoo artist, i made several things related to drawing since early age. my involvement with graffiti started when i was 14 y.old doing a kind of graffiti related to hip hop culture and at the same time i worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, in a publishing agency and then i started to work with photography, researching and studying it. I feel in love with photography and that was a step towards my project metabiotics that i show

Ii tried not to do with my art something that is is tied to techniques/technical aspects. i have an idea and try to see what i need to execute this idea and then i apply the the technique so ican achieve the results i want. in the metabiotics project the idea is: i choose a place in the city that i believe an intervention can happen. usually i think of an intervention and choose a place in the city or a place offers me an idea for an intervention. something very curious in the process is the "waiting moment". the interventions are made with stencil graffiti and in the waiting moment each situation is a new situation and always people adds something interesting to my work. always something that i could not imagine would happen and then i register with my camera. that is the moment the work gains power and i loose control of it. the image of the guy holding up a gun was the first of the project and i did not have great expectation of what the image would give me. so, i did the stencil and in the same day i got my camera and waited for the situation. then this older man showed up, looked at the painting, looked at me and lift both of his arms and asked me if he was disturbing me or the art. i got so nervous with my legs shaking and did not believe the perfect situation (him with his arms up and the stencil of the guy pointing the gun) that i could not take the picture. By the time i did he had lowered his arms but his expressions were still strong.

this style of graffiti you see here is a type of graf that is getting strength in brasil and people are respecting it and it almost turns itself into something legal. it is not as dangerous like it was years ago. but even being an illegal act, the police does not arrest or want to punish you. sometimes they try but it ended up not working.

the objective of my life i i think of the future is not get stuck in just one thing. what i like to do for my future is to do what i like, what is not something selfish. what i like is to do things that i see that people like. i want to keep working in this project, in this medium or any other like musical, sculptural but i want to be sure that i am entering people's life and that i am giving space, opening space for them to get in my life so we can create something or a world or an idea of a world that could appear to be or be better than the one we have. that is it.
cheers, paula (aka t.w.)

11/08/06 Grafiteria, Sao Paulo - Prozak versus Ciro, has to be rumble worth checking out if your in the area.

Galeria Fortes Vilaça present "The Fish that Ate Falling Stars" - O Peixe que Comia Estrelas Cadentes - an incredible exhibition and installation by Os Gemeos. This is their first gallery show in São Paulo, or in fact Brasil. Opens 27/7/06

For more updates check Lost Art

Picture borrowed from Wooster Collective

Exhibitions now on by Daniel Melim and Tinico Roas @ Choque Cultural

Choque Cultural, Rua João Moura, 997 Pinheiros, São Paulo

THE CALMA SHOW @ Contact Theatre, Manchester
Friday 10 March - Saturday 6 May 200
Preview night: Friday 10 March 6pm-8pm FREE

link to Taylor Templeton's great photography of the Calma show in preparation...

coincides with Graffiti Brasil show

The Graffiti Brasil / Choque Cultural Show, Manchester, UK
@ contact: oxford rd: manchester m15 6ja
opening times: 10am-11pm(sun-thurs)/-2am(fri/sat)
info:0161 274 0600

A show of original screenprints direct from Sao Paulo's Choque Cultural gallery

UPDATE 20.1.06

Choque Cultural, Daniel Melim, SHN + Jotape created the scenery for the zapping brand presentation at São Paulo fashion week

Os Gemeos
Deitch Projects, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2005

Identidade de Rua - Porto Alegre - 11th November - 8th December

The following artists are taking part in a mass train painting and canvas project in Porto Alegre -"Os Gêmeos", Ise, Nina, Nunca, Peixe,Trampo, Onam, Isaq, Pane, Borrão, Mateus Grimm, Plim, Paula, Cirilo e Mateus Pedra. More info here

Carlos Dias Exhibition - Choque Cultural, Sao Paulo

Graffiti Brasil events

Thanks to all who came the following launch events in Brazil....

October 28th 2005 - Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre, Rua Sete de Setembro, 1028 Subsolo Praça da Alfândega Porto Alegre- Tristan Manco and Baixo Ribeiro (from Choque Cultural) took part in a debate about street art, as well as, presented the Graffiti Brasil book.

October 31st 2005 - Choque Cultural, Sao Paulo - Choque Cultural, Sao Paulo's preminent low brow and street art print gallery are hosting an event for Graffiti Brasil.
Myself and Ignacio were there to celebrate Graffiti Brasil's publication with as many artists that could fit in the gallery.

November 3rd 2005 - Mam, Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo - Herbert and Kboco participated at an event at MAM, and we
also had the "official" Brazilian book release.


October 8th - ICA, London Graffiti Brasil Special launch party with Batmacumba featuring DJ Cliffy from Future World Funk

Some pictures here -

To give a flava of the whole Brasil graffiti scene we showed short videos and hundreds of images from Rio and Sao Paulo plus the The Lt Crew (Latin Team) displayed original artwork made for this event. On the decks DJ Cliffy dug deep into the latest urban sound from Brazil and the Brazilian diaspora from funky sambas to folk electronica.

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