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5 October – 4 November, Brighton UK

In association with Choque Cultural, Ocontemporary gallery in Brighton, UK are planning an extended two part show featuring 10 artists from Brasil.

To celebrate the forthcoming show Ocontemporary will be offering two brand new exclusive pre-show releases (works on canvas) by Titifreak and Daniel Melim. For more information visit

15 September onwards - Hollywood CA

Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art is presenting a series of shows featuring Brazilian artists from September 07 - culminating in what is planned to be the biggest group show of Contemporary Brazilian Art ever presented in the US. Thanks to IT support NYC.

Sept 15th they will be showing (as part of a larger group show) Binho Barreto, Ciro Schu, Nina, Petite Poupee, Sergio Mora

Oct 20th they will be showing (as part of a larger group show) Flavio Morais, Kboco, Tiago Fazito, Zeila Trevisan

Provisional line-up for January 07: Vitche, Jana Joana, Kboco, Nina, Fefe Talavera, Paulo Ito, Ciro Schu, Dask Two, Geral, Remed, Zeila Trevisan, Flavio Morais, Alex Hornest, Binho Barreto, Daniel Bileu, Bruno Kurru, Betinho, Petite Poupee, Rodrigo Villas, Tiago Fazito, Sergio Mora

11 July – 23 July Sao Paulo

An amazing project is taking place in Sao Paulo, organised by the collective Base V. Featuring artists from Sao Paulo and around the world including... Alexandre Órion, Blu, Buenos Aires Stencil, Fefê Talavera, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Leon Reid IV, M-City, Mark Jenkins, Onesto, Run Don´t Walk, Sam 3

More info here & some images here

23 June – 29 July

Brighton | UK

ocontemporary is delighted to host the UK debut of the highly acclaimed Brazilian artists :

Walter Nomura "Tinho"
André Monteiro "Pato"
Felipe Yung "Flip".

One of Brasilian graffiti's pioneers, Tinho incorporates skate and punk influences to express his experiences of cities throughout the world. Pato believes that fantasy and humour give a freedom to help us understand social issues, his colourful work influenced by animated tv, comic books and cinema, while Flip was one of the first graffiti artists in Brasil to draw characters without letters and to work with posters and stickers. All three artists have a huge international following and are highly acclaimed in their native Brasil.

The show at ocontemporary will feature originals and be accompanied by exclusive show prints.

Tinho, Pato, and Flip will be creating a mural on a wall in central Brighton on Thursday 21st June. This project is in association with Rarekind Gallery and supported by Brighton Council, all welcome, more details soon...


The Graffiti Project - Sao Paulo graffiti art comes to rural Scotland. A quite phenomenal idea which brings the Os Gemeos, Nina & Nunca team to Kelburn Castle for 30 days of painting. The results are sure to be amazing. Project begins 10th May 2007.


Onesto solo show at 111MinnaGallery in San Franciso - ends April 2nd
Interview with Juxtapoz here


Fabulosas Desordens - 13 March - 29 April, Rio de Janeiro featuring Acme, Marinho, Akuma, Bragga e Ment (Nação Grafitti); TOZ, Piá e Br Bogossian (Flesh Beck Crew), Flip, Zezão, Onesto, Tinho, Binho, Nunca, Vitché with International artists Loomit (Germany), Stohead (Germany), San (Spain), Scien & Klor (France) & Daze (USA)


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