With Graffiti Brasil we tried to represent a whole range of graffiti art and to profile artists of longstanding
alongside up-and-coming artists. There are many other great Brazilian artists that logistically we were unable
to show and through exploring the links on this website we hope that readers will discover more.


We apologise that the picture credit on page 15, bottom right is incorrect - the astronaut stencil is by Celso Gitahy
Top - Cupid is by
Ozeas Duarte

Other corrections and informations
Page 39, Bottom Right, Mlok, Sino and Resto (L.A.R. crew), Itaquera, São Paulo
Above: Nev, Mlok, Dinho and Resto, Itaquera, São Paulo
Page 92, Bottom Left, Figure by Klandestino
Page 93, Top centre - Paulo Ito, Centre right - Vine, Bottom left - Paulo Ito and Pato (the blue dog), Bottom right - Paulo Ito
Page 94, Top Right, Ciro with Marone
Page 95, "Sofia" by Rodrigo Sá from the exposition "Labor III"

Looking further

An excellent new book on Pixos has just been published - “TTSSS*… pixação*, the vastest art. São paulo, Brazil” -

Page 46 in the productions page of the book mentions the notorious Carandiru prison in Sao Paulo.
The decayed remains of the prison and surrounding areas were a well used and significant spot for graffiti writers.
Find out more here.

The Guardian website is great place to start for general Brazil news stories -

For those of you living in the Big Apple there are loads of articles here - and a link for office space NYC

Lastly a great forum and news site I can highly recommend -

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