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Tristan Manco, Caleb Neelon, and Lost Art

General sites

Lost Art
Choque Cultural
Choque Cultural/Speto Podcast - Hear Mariana & Speto talk about Choque Cultural gallery with Gilles Peterson @ the Brahma website - Podcast 5! Or subscribe to Gilles Peterson on your itunes - New York/Sao Paulo gallery representing some Brazilian artists including Herbert Baglione, Alexandre Orion, Onesto, Jey, Rui Amaral and others
New ihhv - Brazilian graffiti scene blog - videos, interviews and more

Artists Sites

Os Gemeos Lost Art/Os Gemeos
Os Gemeos World Tour LA Holland
- New site including exhibtions and street works
Herbert Baglione
- fantastic work inside and out from one of São Paulo's finest
- São Paulo "aerosol god", old school artist, animator and illustrator
- Brazilian graffiti's "Rauchenburg"
Titifreak - Illustrator, graffiti artist, animator and yoyo champion from Sao Paulo
Titifreak - New personal site is up!
Vitché - Strong iconic work from one of SP's graffiti pioneers
Binho - World Famous 3°Mundo
- Melting birds - free flowing graffiti from SP
Fleshbeck Crew - Flash back to Rio
Ozeas Duarte
interesting historical section and new works from a Paulista pioneer
Da Lata - Abstracts & figures from Belo Horizonte
Fefe Talavera - Recycling typographical forms from found posters
Hyper - 3D styles from Belo Horizonte
Onio - Brasilia - acid abstracts
Nina Moraes - Interesting blog from this Porto Alegrense artist
Ciro - tribal/organic forms
Kboco - beautiful line work across Brasil - including Goiania, Porto Alegre, Bahia & Sao Paulo
Kboco gallery - new page and gallery
Sanone - Figurative abstractions with latex from Goiania
SHN - Sticker supremos from São Paulo - links to all Brazilian Graffiti Art!
UpgradedoMacao - Street Art collective from Porto Alegre - 9li, Carla Barth, Gera, Pingarilho, Pilla, Tinico, Trampo
Calma - a.k.a Stephan Doitschinoff, illustrator and street artist - São Paulo
Zezao - subterranean graffiti explorer - Vicio crew SP (great new site)
Alexandre Orion - Metabiotics - Street Art meets photography - excellent
Orion Interview
Sesper - Illustrations, design and interventions from Sao Paulo's Alexandre Cruz
New Flavio Samelo - Updated site of well known skateboarder, photographer and artist

Galleries & Merchandise

New Image Gallery
Nina T shirts at Creativetime

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